Digital Fundraising for Conservatives

Hines Digital is a boutique digital fundraising firm. We know how to improve your results by focusing on return on investment every step of the way.

Our Services

Build strong email lists (list acquisition – paid & organic)

After your candidate, your campaign’s most valuable asset is its email list. The larger, and more engaged, your email list becomes the more money you’ll raise online — plain and simple.

Send emails that reach inboxes — not spam folders

In online fundraising, reaching people’s inboxes is everything. (You won’t raise money from the spam folder.) We know what it takes to build and maintain a strong open rate, and we’ve got the data to prove it.

Create meaningful and accurate projections that take your fundraising to the next level

We’ll audit your existing digital program and give you an accurate forecast of how much you can and should be raising today. Then, we’ll create an accurate, measurable forecast of how much money we’ll raise you over the coming days, weeks, and months.

Draft authentic content that drives grassroots action

We’ll build up an array of surrogates, so we can vary the sender and keep the candidate in reserve for the big asks, and help you craft messages that work. Then, we’ll test, track, and tweak them across platforms to improve performance over time.

Focus on return on investment every step of the way

Your fundraising team should raise money — not waste money. That’s why we’re relentlessly focused on generating positive return on investment.

Our Clients

National Campaigns & Parties:

  • Alain Juppé pour la France
  • Australian Conservatives
  • Britain Stronger in Europe
  • The National Party of Malta
  • The New Zealand National Party
  • Rick Santorum for President
  • Theresa May for UK Prime Minister

Party Committees and PACs:

  • Conservative Majority Fund
  • GatorPAC
  • Make Cali Great PAC
  • The Republican Party of California
  • The Republican Party of Florida
  • The Republican Party of Maryland
  • The Republican Party of North Carolina
  • The Republican Party of Wyoming
  • Tea Party Majority Fund
  • Term Limits Now Political Action Committee

Statewide Campaigns:

  • Bill Bryant for Governor, Washington State
  • Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate, Nebraska
  • Ed Gillespie for Governor, Virginia
  • Jeff Johnson for Governor, Minnesota
  • Jonathan McConnell for U.S. Senate, Alabama
  • Mike Braun for U.S. Senate, Indiana
  • Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate, Arizona
  • Pat McCrory for Governor, North Carolina
  • Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate, West Virginia
  • Paul Paulson for Agriculture Commissioner, Florida
  • Rob Maness for U.S. Senate, Louisiana
  • Scott Dawson for Governor, Alabama
  • Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate, Texas

Congressional Campaigns:

  • Brad Sostack for Congress, Florida
  • Carl Domino for Congress, Florida
  • John Curtis for Congress, Utah
  • Justin Amash for Congress, Michigan
  • Justin Grabelle for Congress, Florida
  • Scott Strugill for Congress, Florida

A word about emails

We believe that emails are a vital way for us to communicate breaking news alerts on issues and events critical to protecting and supporting our shared values. We are 100% committed to promoting conservative campaigns and causes at every level, and we know that the conservative movement can’t grow without the support and activism of grassroots supporters like you.

If you received an email from us it is because you signed up as a member of our online grassroots community, or because you signed up as a supporter of one of our partner campaigns or causes.

If you like staying in touch, but want to receive only the most important messages to you, click here. If you want to unsubscribe from our list entirely, click here -- but keep in mind that if you leave, it will be harder for you to stay engaged on behalf of the conservative campaigns and causes that you’ve become a part of.

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