Welcome to Hines Digital.

The office of Republican digital strategist Ian Patrick Hines, and his expert team.

About us

In the wake of the 2016 Election, the Democrats and their socialist allies are determined to “resist” at any cost — giving more than $50,000,000 per month online, according to conservative estimates. Their strategies are effective and improving every day.

Unfortunately, too many conservative campaigns still take misguided and ineffective approaches to campaigning online. That’s why we created Hines Digital: to help conservative campaigns & causes build healthy email lists, raise money online, and win the internet.

Our mission — our sole focus — is to help conservatives out-hustle the Left online. That means building huge, engaged email lists of activists who are ready to stand up for our shared beliefs and asking them to step up and support the movement where we need it most.

When it comes to online fundraising, we’re a full-service partner. We specialize in helping campaigns start, or restart, their digital and email fundraising efforts. You give us the green light and we’ll take it from there. (We even bring our own tools.)

There are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving strong, sustainable online fundraising: you have to earn the attention, support, and ultimately the donations of grassroots conservatives. But together, we can do it — even if you have tried before and failed.


We’ve supported conservatives in fifteen U.S. states and nine countries, including campaigns & causes at every level of government.

Our Skills:

  • Online Fundraising
  • Email Acquisition
  • Email Deliverability Management
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • NationBuilder Consulting
  • Website Design & Development

Our Clients:

  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Independent Expenditures
  • Parliamentary Campaigns
  • Political Parties
  • Presidential Campaigns
  • Referendums
  • State Legislative Campaigns
  • US House Campaigns
  • US Senate Campaigns

A word about emails

We believe that emails are a vital way for us to communicate breaking news alerts on issues and events critical to protecting and supporting our shared values. We are 100% committed to promoting conservative campaigns and causes at every level, and we know that the conservative movement can’t grow without the support and activism of grassroots supporters like you.

If you received an email from us it is because you signed up as a member of our online grassroots community, or because you signed up as a supporter of one of our partner campaigns or causes.

If you like staying in touch, but want to receive only the most important messages to you, click here. If you want to unsubscribe from our list entirely, click here -- but keep in mind that if you leave, it will be harder for you to stay engaged on behalf of the conservative campaigns and causes that you’ve become a part of.

To get in touch, contact ian@hines.digital.