Hines Digital supports conservative campaigns & causes.

About our organization

Hines Digital supports conservative campaigns & causes — fighting for a conservative America by empowering our community and partners with the information and means necessary to directly impact the political process.

How it works

Empowering our community

When you enter your email address to join Hines Digital, you’ll be put on a carefully curated mailing list of updates and ways to take action:

We know you want to support & grow the conservative movement. But, we also know that it can be hard to know where to put your attention so we can make the biggest impact.

We’ll be working to connect you with the campaigns & causes that need your support most — so you can meaningfully support the conservative movement, no matter where you live.

Empowering our partners

To ensure that our partners can campaign effectively and take on the Left, we’ve assembled a top-tier campaign team to help with:

Put another way, Hines Digital is a “campaign team in waiting” — ready to build, engage, and activate grassroots conservatives around the campaigns & causes that matter most.