Hines Digital supports conservative campaigns & causes.

About our endorsements

At Hines Digital, we believe that the most effective way to support conservative campaigns, causes, and ideas is to elect conservative candidates in the nation’s most competitive elections.

Offices we endorse for

Our primary focus is on electing conservatives to Congress: the U.S. House & the U.S. Senate. That’s because it’s in Congress where many of the most important conservative ideological battles are fought: for the Right to Life, to protect and defend our Constitution, to protect our nation’s borders, and to hold back the rising tide of socialism.

Our secondary focus is on electing conservatives to state houses and state legislatures, and particularly in those few states in which majority control is up for grabs. State governments control redistricting, pro-life regulation, gun rights, and therefore serve as a bulwark against runaway socialism in America. 

We also know well that the state-level leaders of today are the federal candidates of tomorrow, which is why we maintain our own “Rising Stars” list — highlighting and supporting candidates who show the potential to become the national leaders of tomorrow.

How we help endorsees

Endorsed candidates are eligible, if they so choose, to participate in Hines Digital’s invite-only partner program. 

Hines Digital partners receive hands-on support from our experienced campaign team, and financial and volunteer support from our large and growing grassroots community. 

Put another way, we help our partners build their campaigns and ask you, our community, to rally to their side as supporters, volunteers, and donors. 

Together, with your help, we help power our partners to victory on Election Night. 

How we weigh potential endorsees

We favor incumbents, and defer to local voters

Though we’ve been involved in them in the past, we generally prefer to avoid divisive primary elections; every community is different, and part of our conservatism is a respect for local communities’ uniqueness and tradition. 

Based on our experience, we generally prefer incumbents who with a proven history of winning to insurgent primary election challengers. Our primary goal is beating the Left — not imposing an ideological litmus test — and we want to support the candidate with the greatest likelihood of winning on Election Day. 

We support mission-aligned political action committees

Political action committees get a bad wrap in today’s political climate, but they play a vital role as the enduring infrastructure of our conservative movement.

Beyond our candidate endorsements, Hines Digital takes pride in the important work we do with our PAC and party committee partners — laying the groundwork for electoral success up and down the ballot.

We want to maximize our community’s impact

When we urge our community members to rally in support a candidate, we want to make sure they’re putting their energy towards races where they can make a real difference. The goal is to help our endorsees beat the Left and win on election night. Period.

Raising $10,000 online may not move the needle in a presidential election or in a race with a self-funding candidate, but it can make a huge difference on a race with a $1 million budget. That means we tend to focus our attention at down-ballot and overlooked races.

That said, the most important thing is that we’re affecting close races — so if we believe we can make an impact on a high-profile, national election, we’ll offer to help there, as well.

How we find candidates

We encourage candidates seeking our support to email us at endorsements@hines.digital. We read every message we receive, and reaching out to us directly says a lot about a candidate’s determination and respect for our community.

We’re also constantly evaluating candidates based on the criteria we’ve written about here. We take cues from quantitive metrics like initial fundraising numbers, past electoral history, and the measurable partisan lean of a district; we also pay attention to the candidate’s narrative, what we can infer about their grassroots support and work ethic, and whether they’ve caught the attention of other organizations (like the party committees). 

If you know, or know of, a candidate who would be a good fit, please email us and let us know! We love to hear directly from our community members about the candidate’s that they’re seeing in their hometowns and states.